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Diamond 13, 1300, 1800 numbers

13, 1300, 1800

Diamond 13, 1300, 1800: Features

  • Promote just one number nationwide

  • Let your customers call you for Free (1800) or for the price of a Local Call (13/1300)

  • Hassle free relocation - no need to change stationery when you move

  • Call Routing - time based, area based and even day of the year routing (e.g national holidays)

  • Emergency Diversion - quickly and easily re-route your calls should your phone lines have a fault.

Route your calls wherever you like

Unlike a standard number, a 13/1300 or 1800 number acts like a virtual number which can route calls according to the options you choose.

Send after hours calls to another office or even a mobile, route sales calls to the right office, and choose to send all calls to voicemail on Melbourne Cup day. You're in control.


The Simplicity of Just One Number

If you've ever relocated your business you'll remember the headaches it can cause. Changing the website, reprinting business cards, setting up number redirections.

And that's just the things you've remembed to do. With a 13, 1300 or 1800 number that all becomes a thing of the past. And you'll look like a serous player to boot.

Isn't a few cents per lead worth it?

How much do you currently pay for a new lead? Enabling potential customers to call you without thinking about the cost is a good way to remove a potential barrier: picking up the phone.

You simply pay a per minute rate for the time they're talking to you, to the nearest second.