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Diamond ISDN Flex

ISDN 102030

Diamond ISDN Flex 10, 11....25: Features

  • Choose the exact number of lines you need between 10-30
  • Add single lines as your business grows
  • Excellent value monthly line rental
  • Direct connection to the Optus network
  • Add a 100 Number Direct Indial Range
  • Compatible with phone, fax, EFTPOS and data
  • Compatible with advanced digital phone systems

ISDN 102030

Flex stands for flexibility

If you're in an Optus coverage area, then ISDN Flex provides unprecedented flexibility to add lines when you need them. Get a new staff member, get a new line. One not 10. And with a new market shaking line rental, it really does become the ideal ISDN solution.

100 Number Range

100 Number Indial Range

Having one line per staff member would get a bit expensive, after all, not everyone is on the phone at the same time. But you still want everyone to have their own number, so people can reach them directly. Renting a 100 number range gives you that flexibility and more.