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Phone Systems

Diamond Phone Systems: Features

  • Voicemail - saves time and money. Handwritten messages waste time, resources, and are often inaccurate.

  • Greetings - first impressions count. So get a professional recording and sound the business.

  • Music or Messages-on-Hold - from radio to relaxing music to professionally recorded messages that promote your business or products. It's a marketing opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

  • Transfer Calls - often taken for granted in big offices, but you need a phone system to do it, and ideally ISDN lines with a direct number range.

  • Auto-Attendant - if done right, a useful way to get calls straight through to the right people. "Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts...". But keep the options short, no one likes five minutes of options.

  • Speed Dialling - Talk to the people you talk to most often, with one touch on your phone, or one click on your screen.

  • Wireless Headsets - if you like to walk and talk then a Bluetooth or DECT headset frees your hands and enables you to have a more natural conversation while moving around the office.

  • Speaker Phones - talk while you work, hands-free, hassle free.

  • Conference Calling - the right system, handsets or dedicated conference calling phone allow your team to share in the conversation, and save time and money on travelling to meetings.

  • Phone System Software - the brains of the system, and upgradeable. Customise your system for the way your business needs to work, analyse call reports to raise efficiency and accountability and even get dedicated functionality for your industry.

Phone Systems

Finance Your Investment

A phone system is an investment you appreciate every day, and your business will soon see the benefits.


If you don't want to pay for it outright, we can arrange for an affordable finance plan that combines flexible terms with or without a calling plan contract.

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