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Diamond VoIP Plans

Business VoIP

Diamond VoIP: Features

  • Untimed Local & National Calls
  • Low Rate Mobile Calls
  • Exceptionally-Low Rate International Calls
  • Calls to other Broadband Phone users are FREE

Untimed Calls

What is a Broadband Phone?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP (the internet). It's simply calls that are made over the internet using your broadband instead of a regular phone line.

IP Phones

Regular Phones, not Headsets

You don't have to be plugged into a headset to take advantage of cheap calls. You can still get regular, fully functional handsets that offer all the features your business is used to such as hold, transfer and conference, but you get the convenience of controlling all your phone's settings via an on-screen interface.

3-Ways to Make VoIP Calls

Soft Phone

Soft Phone:

Screen based phone used with a headset. We recommend X-Lite

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VoIP Phones
IP Phone

A phone that plugs straight into your modem or switch via a LAN cable
IP Adaptor

Goes between your regular phone and your modem.